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South Florida
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June 22nd & 23rd 2018
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Serial Entrepreneur
  •  Private Equity Fund cleared $50 Million on shorting Bitcoin 
  • Teaches individuals hacks on getting high Business and Personal Credit Scores then acquiring lines of credit on the corporation.
  •  Co-founder of the number one rated Automated Trading Platform for Forex & Futures. I am also a 16 year Oil Trading Veteran

M.L Billions - Chicago, IL
Digital Marketing
  • Experience: Has done over $1,000,000 in sales the last 365 days. 
  •  Success: Personally quit full time Mechanic Job & Started Multiple rapidly growing online businesses. Founder of 2 different companies. 
  •  Coaching/Mentoring: Has a private coaching program teaching Digital/Affiliate Marketing and Online Sales.
  • Lead Gen: Facebook Ads, Messenger Bots and Sales Funnels 
Ian - Midlothian, VA

  •  Branding: Built multiple brands from 0 to 7 figures in sales.
  • Consulting: Consults with multiple 7-9 figure companies on how to leverage and strengthen their brand. 
  • Longevity: Will show you the tricks that he uses to build a long lasting brand that is sustained for years
Jaan - Los Angeles, CA
The Dream

  • Longevity: Speaking on How to Have a lasting Brand on the Internet.
  • Commitment: Committing To the Dream! 
  • Branding: Showing You How He Has Built His 3% Brand!
Yokes - Orange County, CA
Crypto Currency
  •  Crypto: Learn how crypto currency can change your life in the next 5 years 
  •  e-Commerce: Has generated over $8,000,000 in e-commerce sales!
  •  Innovator: Learn how to bring new & unique products to the marketplace.
Kirt - Boston, MA
  •  How I scaled a team to 25 Mill in Sales Revenue 
  •  9 Levels of Network Marketing Mastery
  •  Helping people master the closing psychology 
Darik - Seattle, WA
Affiliate Marketing
  • Built & Sold - A Million Dollar Marketing Agency in 14 Months.
  •  Affiliate Marketing -  $8 Million dollars in Sales in 12 Months
  • Fortune 500 Clients - Such as Conor McGregor & Grant Carson
Nick Pena - Los Angeles, CA
Content Consultant
  •  Brand director & digital content consultant for top level companies such as primitive skateboarding, Melin Brand, Helm Fitness & more
  •  Design: Professional designer, photographer & videographer
  •  Sales: 1 million in sales in first year of Ecommerce

Ryan - Orange County, CA
Business Building
  •   Business - Their daily routine that has resulted in over $10,000,000 In product sales the past 10 years combined.
  •   Lifestyle – How to achieve TRUE FREEDOM In your life by automating 80% of your business online.
  •  Relationships – How to cultivate productive business and intimate relationships for success.
RUN Guys Miami, FL